How Finasteride 1mg for Sale Cures Baldness

If you are a man and have been suffering baldness for quite some time, you are not alone. Statistics have revealed that there are actually millions of men around that globe that suffers the condition what we know as alopecia or male pattern baldness. In fact, it is quite normal for men to suffer this kind of baldness condition once they begin to reach an older age. However for men who have begun severe hair loss in their twenties, this could be quite depressing as the condition could make them look and feel old. In return, this can lower their self-esteem and eventually affect their professional and social life. It is a misconception that only women care a lot about their hair because men also do. In fact, men also invest hair products to maintain their shiny and healthy hair. However if your genes were coded to make you bald in your twenties, then there is almost nothing you can do about it. There are actually a lot of options that could help you overcome baldness and we are not going to talk about herbal shampoos. One, you can go for a hair transplant which is quite expensive and painful. Second, you can opt for finasteride 1mg for sale which is effective at managing hair loss down to the hormonal levels.

So why alopecia happens in the first place? All men produce this manly hormone we call as testosterone. Testosterone has many important functions in a man’s body and that includes maintaining his manly physique. As time goes by, the testosterone is being converted by certain enzymes into dihydrotestosterone or DHT. The name may now sound complicated but the bad thing about this substance is that it slwoly destroys your hair follicles – shrinking them down until they could no longer produce you thick and healthy hair strands. This is the reason why most men get bald and unfortunately there are no supplements so far that can stop this cycle, specially if it is written in your genes. If your father or grandfather has alopecia, then you are also at high risk.

Although it does not always look bad at being bald. In fact there are Hollywood stars that actually look hot at being bald. However not all men look good at being bald. If you are not used to being bald, then you can choose finasteride 1mg for sale as your treatment to cure severe hair loss. The drug finasteride 1mg for sale is specially intended to inhibit certain enzymes that convert testosterone into DHT, thus preventing or lessening the production of the substance that is very harmful for your hair follicles. This way your hair follicles stops shrinking, goes back to its normal size, and starts producing thick and healthy hair once more.

Before you begin using finasteride 1mg for sale, it is important that there are no contraindications. If in doubt, you have to ask your doctor about your decision before you buy finasteride 1mg for sale for hair loss treatment.