Tadalafil Citrate – What Makes It Different from the Rest?

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be troublesome especially for someone who used to have an active sexual life. It can even be medically serious if it has been caused by an undiagnosed medical disorder. For most men who consider their manhood so much then having erectile dysfunction is a life-changing condition. It seems a hopeless situation to have the symptoms with no herbal solutions, diet, or exercise can help. But when you are about to lose hope, take a break and breathe! There is still hope with ED pills to help you conquer the symptoms. Tadalafil citrate is just among the most chosen medication for ED due to its proven effects to treat impotence. However with so many pills available in the market today you might become confused along the way. You might as well ask, what makes tadalafil citrate different from the rest?

First of all, we all know how PDE5 inhibitors work, and yes! They all work the same. Just like tadalafil citrate and the rest of the other similar products, PDE5 inhibitors are designed to enhance the flow of blood towards the penis organ so that erection can be attained. This happens when the muscles begin to contract and expand, which is one of the major roles of tadalafil citrate. It helps the body retain nitric oxide in the blood stream for a longer time for proper dilation of the smooth muscles. Nitric oxide is an important chemical released only when you are sexually stimulated. PDE5 inhibitors like tadalafil citrate help the body sustain erection by preventing certain enzymes from breaking down the nitric oxide chemical. However, your body will stop producing it when you are not sexually aroused anymore, and everything gets back to normal. As a short conclusion, you have to be sexually excited before using tadalafil citrate otherwise you will experience no effects. Moreover tadalafil citrate will not protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases so it is your sole responsibility, as well as your partner, to practice safe sex.

The only difference with tadalafil citrate from the rest of the ED pills is that it is the record holder for being the only drug with up to 36 hours of effectiveness. Though this does not mean you will have an erection straight for 36 hours; it simply means you do not have to take your pill from time to time since you can enjoy the effects within 36 hours. That is why it is called the weekend warrior. You can take tadalafil citrate 30 minutes prior of having sex to get optimum results. Thus, just like the other ED pills you need to have a planned sexual activity before taking tadalafil citrate.

On the other side, you are not to use tadalafil citrate if you have known allergies to its ingredients, or have been prohibited to engage in sex because of medical problems. Take only tadalafil citrate when you are eligible with no contraindications.